In essence, masterplanning is setting out a clear framework for the later detailed development of a large regeneration area. It identifies how best to lay out the buildings, transport infrastructure, public realm and many other things that will provide the framework for the redevelopment of Sheerwater.

Information Gathering: In order to create a masterplan it is essential to understand and respond to the needs and aspirations of residents and local people. Through community engagement, there is an opportunity for you to be a part of our information gathering. During this stage you may also see us walking around the estate conducting detailed site surveys of the existing buildings and open spaces.

Creating a Vision: During the development of the masterplan for Sheerwater, we need to hear your ideas and vision for the future of the area. With your help we can create a 'big idea' to guide us through the evolution of the masterplan. The Vision Workshop is the first opportunity for you to begin feeding into the design process.

Options Development: Once we have a clear idea of the constraints, opportunities and aspirations for Sheerwater, we can start to develop a number of different masterplan options. The Options Workshop is a further opportunity to feed in to the design of the developing masterplan for Sheerwater.

Masterplan Development: You will help us select the best option for the redevelopment of Sheerwater. The final stage is the development of a masterplan. The final masterplan will be explained through plans, diagrams and illustrations. These drawings will be exhibited at a final exhibition next year, before being submitted to the Council for planning permission.

"For far too long we, the Council, have made small improvements here and there in Sheerwater. Now, with the support of New Vision Homes, we have the opportunity to make wholesale changes that will significantly improve the quality of life for people living in and around the area for generations to come."

Woking Borough Council's Portfolio Holder for Housing, Cllr David Bittleston